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  Jun Konishi Diplom Ausstellung 2007

Jun Konishi

Piece 2007
Carbon fiber reinforced plastic

At first, these objects seem to be only black plastics, but are actually "Carbon fiber reinforced plastic". These fibers are 1/10 of a human hair's thickness. As a material, it is used from huge rockets or airplanes to common things as tennis rackets or fishing rods. The carbon fibers are well known as an industrial material of the leading edge today. Its chemical symbol "C" is similar as that of the diamond, although the so-called "eternal brightness" does not exist. However, visually they play tricks on my eyes, as if they consist of much more mysterious natural material than the diamond. These strange feeling in itself must be a symbol of our modern life filled with industrial materials.
I have cut the carbon fibers out and made holes in them. An object would not exist as jewelry without the human will of wearing it on the body. The relationship between these objects and human bodies are one hole. The figures stamped on the surface could be called the serial number, but I also believe that I have stamped my own time.
The beginning of the act as human beings to wear objects and the industrial material... I have made this work intentionally to catch a glimpse of the specificity of contemporary jewelry through the relationship between the human act and the industrial material.

Jun Konishi
  Klasse für Schmuck und Gerät Prof. Otto Künzli

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  skin case . 2nd Skin - Cork Jewellery Symposium


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