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  colman´s mustard

Colman`s Mustard
Few brand names are so firmly linked to a product as the name “Colman’s” is to mustard. Colman’s history dates to 1814 when Jeremiah Colman first created this zesty blend of brown mustard (Brassica juncea) and white mustard (Sinapis alba) at a water mill in Stoke Holy Cross, England.
Colman’s Mustard, a uniquely prepared blend of mustard seed that produces a flavorful heat sensation, is widely recognized as THE English Mustard in the U.K. For nearly 200 years, this time-honored process delivers the finest quality mustards. Thus, the Colman’s Mustard legacy begins.
The Colman factory moved to Carrow, a prime location on the outskirts of Norwich, England, in 1850 and even today is still well served by the network of local farms in Norwich.

It was in 1855 that the now famous bull’s head logo apeared on the company’s English Mustard and was introduced as the brand’s trademark.

The Ultimate seal of approval was given in 1866, when Queen Victoria recognized this English jewel by bestowing the Royal Warrant upon Colman’s Mustard. Her Royal Majesty’s household still uses Colman’s products today and the Royal Warrant graces each Colman’s item.

From English pubs and palaces across the pond to the U.S., Colman’s unmistakable, tangy flavor deserves a royal welcome with a place of honor on your table.
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