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brooch by marc monzó
spanish contemporary jewellery

pilar cotter nuñez, marc monzò, gemma draper, marcus teipel, thelma
aviani and estela sàez vilanova.

opening: tuesday, 5th of June, 2007 at 6pm.
until 1st of July. open hours: wed-fri 12-18, sat-sun 12-15.

galleria rantapaja
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  >clip-Leonor Hipólito

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  >lepidoptera domestica | manon van kouswijk

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Manon van Kouswijk began Lepidoptera
Domestica in 2005. The work consists of a butterfly
collection and an artist’s book in which the collection
is depicted. A new series of jewellery designs ‘ Precious
Stones’ arose as a result of another collection.
Galerie Ra is presenting both projects at the new fair:
Object, in Las Palmas, Rotterdam.
A large number of domestic objects served as a starting point for the butterfly collection. Based on these objects, the book explores various aspects of collecting:
pleasure and obsession, uniformity and diversity,
grouping and arranging, flea market and Wunderkammer. The text is in English and the book costs € 25,
We sincerel y hope you visit Object, where at Stand 16
Manon van Kouswijk | Lepidoptera Domestica can be
seen along with a selection of jewellery from other artists
represented by Galerie Ra, including Christian Hoedl| C- Collection Printemps, Éte 07.
Following Object, Manon van Kouswijk | Lepidoptera
Domestica can be seen in Galerie Ra until 7 July 07.
Manon will be on hand to provide information about her
work during a celebratory reception on Sunday 17 June
from 15. 00 to18. 00. You are also cordially invited to attend.
Galerie Ra is closed during the Object fair and
for the summer period from 10 Jul y to 20 August 2007.
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  karin seufert at galerie marzee

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on sunday the third of june there will be an exhibition at Gallery Marzee.
If you have time, it would be very nice to see you there!
Warm regards, Karin
zondag de derde juni is er een tentoonstelling bij Galerie Marzee.
Het zal super zijn, als jullie kwamen!
Hartelijke groeten, Karin
kommenden Sonntag, den 3ten Juni ist eine Ausstellung bei Galerie Marzee.
Es wäre schön, wenn ihr kommen würdet!
Liebe Grüße, Karin
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  ted noten op object rotterdam

solo presentation hit-and-run by ted noten at art fair object rotterdam
6-10 juni 2007
gallery majke hüsstege (Stand 19)
las palmas
wilhelminakade 66
3072 ar rotterdam
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  imperfection please

+ galerie rob koudijs

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  teruo akatsu . illusion dust
>necklace, 'Illusion dust', dust / silk thread
circles of gathered dust threaded onto a silk thread to form a short necklace

"I use fragments of roof tiles, which I cut up or carve. When worn on the body, the finished work appears to be an artificial form designed particularly for human use, and its functionality seems to be the main source of its beauty. However, it soon becomes clear how much of the work is the result of pure chance. It is not initially designed to ornament the body; its creation depends much more on the texture and shape of the material. With the paradoxical nature of my work, I hope to question the true meaning of jewellery.

I aim to transform 'negative' jewellery into positive existence by accumlating dust over it. The use of dust is suggestive of the passing and accumulation of time. I collect dust from everyday places and thread it on to stainless-steel wires or incorporate it into sheets of material. The colours and nature of the dust play on important part in my jewellery-making.

The general conception of jewellery is focused on the fact that it adorns the body. However, this kind of understanding limits appreciation of my kind of jewellery. If we look at jewellery in terms of the relationship between the body and its surroundings, then we begin to see how we relate ourselves to objects, other people and our whole environment. With this in mind, the characteristics- including the advantages and disadvantages- of the materials themselves add meanings to my work.'

"Collecting dust from a variety of domestic environments, (Akatsu) exploits its transient nature, supporting his fragile surfaces with stainless-steel cores. Gold moulds in the form of rings allow other fragments of dust to coalesce into a felted ring of near-impossible wearability. Exploring meanings attracted to and accrued by jewellery, he also excavates jewellery from fragments of traditional clay roof title, the structure of the tile defining by chance the final qualities of the neckpiece.'

power house museum
  fist we quake now we shake

The first globetrotters in jewellery (by Liesbeth den Besten)

Jewellery makers are globetrotters, restless nomads who may settle everywhere where they can find fellow craftsmen and women. The world is big, but the world of jewellery is small – its size related to the size of the contemporary author jewel itself.

However, this goes for the situation anno 2006. In 1993, the year of the first Jewelry Quake, the situation was quite different.(...)read +
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