> maria nuutinen _olipa kerran

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opening /once upon time
tuesday, 3th of july, 2007 at 6 pm.
exhibition from 4th of july until 29th.

open hours: wed-fri 12-18, sat-sun 12-15

> galleria rantapaja at klimt 02
> amazing animal
+ maria nuutinen at klimt02
+ maria nuutinen

  > the history "bling bling"

+ absolut/bling
  > fabergé meets bordallo – the obelisk collection and some other little silly things

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> fabergé meets bordallo – the obelisk collection and some other little silly things
  >2nd skin - cork jewellery symposium

+ esad . 2nd skin
  >golden clogs, dutch montains

> exhibition velvet da vinci gallery
> ornamentum gallery

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1 manon van kouswijk - necklace "heart beads"
2 gésine hackenberg - plate & necklace "my home is my
3 katja prins - brooch from series "machines are us"
4 andrea wagner - brooch "sandbox sister"
5 constanze schreiber - pendants "memento mori IV"
6 ineke heerkens - brooch "stretching bud"
7 iris eichenberg - objects "hearts"
8 iris nieuwenburg - brooch "newly-weds"
jantje feischhut
stephanie jendis
francis willemstijn

  >impressions on portuguese contemporary jewellery

works: leonor hipólito e inês nunes; photos: c.b. aragão

impressions: or jewellery that transmits visions of a culture from a group of artists that works for the body poetically and functionally.
this exhibition attempts to show in an eclectic way what is currently being made in the field of jewellery in portugal. authors of three generations and coming from different backgrounds are presented under five thematic groups illustrated by five photographs: - listening, drawing, enhancing, trusting and remembering draw the eye and guide the mind of the viewer, offering an understanding of the pieces and how they may be used.
i look carefully at the jewel, i listen aloud to its whisper.
>alexandra lisboa, ana albuquerque, ana cardim, cláudia cabral, hugo madureira, leonor hipólito e manuela de sousa
i trace a contour, a line, a curve. i impress a jewel on your body.
>alexandra serpa pimentel, dulce ferraz, inês nunes, inês sobreira, liliana guerreiro, nininha guimarães dos santos e paula crespo
colours envelop my body. the jewel diverts and marks its sense.
>bagau, carla castiajo, catarina silva, martaeliseu, rita faustino, rita ruivo e valentim quaresma
remembrance is made love by the jewel. I kept what you gave me.
>estefânia rodrigues de almeida, josé carlos marques, margarida matos, marília maria mira, natasha duncan, pedro sequeira, suzana rezende
i believe in the jewel. it embodies faith, prayer, protection.
>ana henriques, diana silva, joão martins, manuel vilhena, miriam castro, teresa milheiro e tereza seabra
>2nd skin cork jewellery
>gisela ribeiro, josé carlos marques e vânia moreira
promoted by icep
curated by cristina filipe
16 june till 18 july 2007 at
gallery landskron schneidzik, nuremberg, germany.

  >contretype . pedro barateiro - andré cepeda - carla filipe - joão maria gusmão & pedro paiva - eduardo matos - manuel santos maia

photos by lisa cepeda .
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>observatório hm