javier moreno frias "strength as demonstration of one’s identity"

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brooch, 2007
plastic, silver, paint, gold 14 kts.

brooch, 2007
bone, bioresin, gold 14 kts.

brooch, 2007
pvc, aquaplast, silver, paint.

brooch, 2007
bakelite, plastic, aquaplast, glass, silver, paint.

a field lies fallow.
the earth rests, it has just one season to collect energy for the coming years of sowing and harvesting.

the alternation of exhaustion and recovery: for centuries a set routine helped people to cultivate their land. nowadays man has started to exploit his own body. with a comparable system of performance and relaxation taking turns, someone’s shape becomes a proof of willpower. achieving as distinction, muscles as adornment.

strength as demonstration of one’s identity. javier moreno frias develops jewellery in reaction to this phenomenon. In his pieces he employs the specific artificial materials used in sports equipment. instead of displaying an imposing physique, he proposes the use of his ornaments as a statement. in amazement he recalls nature’s autonomy:the gradual processes, traditional cycles and logical results. the haven of the fallow field.

ward schrijver

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  life project - artur félix

foto: artur félix [2007 ]

a minha atenção centrou-se num só objecto, tornando-o mais real e absoluto, compensando tudo o resto que inevitavelmente deixei de fora. ao maníaco parece legítimo tudo sacrificar pelo objecto da sua atenção. tudo investe e irá até ás ultimas consequências. Esta obsessão é responsável pelas grandes ideias; quem se destaca numa determinada área, é maníaco. E é admirado. "life project" é o que sempre fiz, mas contextualizado noutro suporte.

[ projecto construído de acordo com as regras do "dogma 2005" ]

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  shari pierce - cardboard democracy

>cardboard, housepaint, metal chains
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  sebastian buescher - the pygmy retrospective

“ […] the pygmy retrospective is a collection of my favourite pieces over the past three years. The work is taken from several collections and is meant to show my evolution, the introduction of new materials, processes and the development of my ideas. since I view my work as emotional, pieces are linked to specific times of my life, sometimes hard and sometimes joyful.”

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