sara borgegård`s opening at hnoss

galleri hnoss and konstepidemin are proud to present the jewellery artist sara borgegård.

borgegård is inspired by artificial environments. structures that we today take for granted and view as completely natural, but that in fact are constructed and arranged by man.

borgegård’s jewellery contain influences of buildings and machinery. but it is not only the expression that reminds us of industrial structures. also most of the materials, such as industrial iron sheets and scrap wood allude to a manufacturing process and an expression that historically can be seen as opposites to traditional jewellery.

in spite of this, the decorative character of the pieces is emphasized by the use of colours. borgegård covers the straight constructions with glaring colours, making these shapes into her own visionary architecture.


jan 10th 2009 at 12:00-16:00

the exhibition remains until feb.1st

> hnoss
  tomás colaço

goat indoors oil on canvas 160x110cm 2008

> tomás colaço

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